Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Final crit - 16 may 2011 - What A Day!!!!

Wow what a day - 8.30am - 9.30pm at Hadlow College - it was intense but we got through it and well done to everyone for really going for it.

I am so proud of how far i have come- firstly i never thought i would be doing a degree- let alone do well in it. Throughout the past three years i have learnt so much as a designer and a gardener, i have met some inspirational people and made some great friends. I will be sad to leave our little set up, but i look forward to seeing their fantastic designs in the future.

Thank you to Jamie, Julia and Paula for all your guidance and blunt hints!!
I'm sure you will be proud come final exhibition.

Here are some of my A1 sheets that i pinned up for my final crit.-
(I will put more up tomorrow, just need to resize them for the blog)

I am now going through my check list of work to do and to check, check, check and check again over everything i have done, before i print them again ready for the final exhibition.

1:200 Lighting strategy:

 Photo montages:

Sequential sketches:

1:100 Sections

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