Monday, 16 May 2011

FINAL CRIT!!! 16/ 05/ 2011

Final crit!!! wow what a day this has been- up early , get to hadlow to pin up x 16 A1 presentation sheets, take model, take all overlay sheets, all development working out, take all sketch books, oh yea and me!

I was first to present - it went well ,at least i think it did, to be honest i don't remember much of what i said due to nurves but once it came to the 10 min question time i was fine- i knew my answers and i gave them with confidence. -I know this park so well i have been there in my dreams!! Is this borderline madness? or has this happened to everyone??

Due to me now being in some strange mood of I'm done - I'm not done- over tired - hyper-active- restless-very happy - anxious- keen- excited - state i forgot to take a photo of my work on the wall!!! but luckily my little victorian terrace has a very steep stair case that Jamie would hate the riser/ tread ratio!!! - it has a tall wall that i can practice my pin up on!!

On wednesday i will post my work that was pinned up today -

Well done everyone- were nearly there - on the home run lets give it our all!!!

Good luck!

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