Sunday, 15 May 2011

the final push paid off,,,

This past week i have gone through all my work, checked , checked and checked again- and now its printed i can still find mistakes and things missing!!!!!! typical!

So final crit is tomorrow- we have space to pin up x 16 A1 sheets , along with all sketch books, portfolio and model!!!  Then we have 5 mins to present all our work- possible? Probably not for me!!!
And just to top it all off i am the first to present!!! GULP!! i start at 10am  followed by nick bibby and then the rest of the class! we are to to finish around 8pm- so i would like a good nights sleep tonight to be refreshed for the day.  Only have afew famous last minute touches to do!!! and some more construction details,, wish me luck!!!

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