Wednesday, 27 April 2011

easter progress - 1:200 refinement plan

1:200 refinement plan - i have test rendered a section of a plan and am very happy with the style, here is a print out with everything except the people and spot heights dulled down ready for me to render on top- i will post the finished plan once i have finished rendering it- its today's job!


  1. Very Adele me thinks,
    Nice different tree's . Keep that up, no problem, just the time element i know.
    Question, were dod you get above people from or did draw and scan?

    Keep forgetting, no change there

    Still well behind, You?

    Glad you liked the sparkly night plan.

  2. I can see the rendered plan in the room next door to me and for all you Adele fans out there - it is looking very fine indeed.

    very fine indeed.